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Steel for Packaging Update
Issue #24, November 2020

Dear Readers,

Food waste is an enormous environmental, social and economic problem. But awareness is growing and solutions are on the horizon.

Inside the EU’s Green Deal, the Farm to Fork strategy makes tackling food waste a key priority. Read more in our blog.

And we flash back to the article from Elisabeth Payeux of the French Canning Institute, highlighting the steel can as a safe, effective and affordable means of preserving food and vital nutrients.

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Patricia Mobbs,


Inside Brussels – Alexis Van Maercke on steel for packaging in EU policy discussions

Transforming the 27-country bloc from a high- to a low-carbon economy is ambitious to say the least!

The European Green Deal has been described as ‘Europe’s man on the moon moment’ and the launch of the various building blocks have been highlights for activity in Brussels this year.

Latest news

Farm to Fork, cornerstone of the EU Green deal


Food waste is currently responsible for 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Food in landfill produces a large amount of methane, a gas 25 times more harmful than carbon dioxide in terms of trapping heat in the atmosphere.

Which is why reducing food waste is a focus of the EU’s Farm to Fork strategy, a corner stone of the European Green Deal.

Packaging, an essential component for the continued flow of goods

Earlier this year, as the packaging supply chain worked hard to deliver essential goods to populations across the continent without interruption, packaging was recognised by EU and national governments as an essential part of the continued flow of goods.


Living & eating well, with canned products

Since canning technology came of age in the 20th century, the can has provided a safe, effective and affordable means of preserving food and vital nutrients such as vitamins and fatty acids for millions of people.


Key statistic: 28% of the world's agricultural area is used every year to produce food that is lost or wasted (FAO)


Get inspired by steel

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From Twitter

Why choosing steel #packaging is one small step that could mean a giant leap for the #EUGreenDeal
Metal Packaging Europe @metal_packaging Sep 29
#DYK #EU households waste an astonishing 17 billion kilos of fresh fruit and vegetables every year? Fight #foodwaste by choosing the #foodcan! Just by increasing the share of #cannedfood in your diet you can reduce your food waste by almost 30% #FLWDay #FoodWasteEU #ChooseCans
Alexis Van Maercke #PWSFORUM 500 steel mills in Europe asking for scrap! That's a recycling system that works #circulareconomy
Did you know that #food packaged in #steel has equivalent vitamin content to freshly prepared, without the need for additives?

EU Food Safety @EUFarm2Fork - May 18
#EUFarm2Fork strategy is coming this Wednesday RT if you're ready to work with us to redesign the way we produce, distribute & consume our food so it's more sustainable
It's time for a new direction of travel!

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